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Military Essentials for US Military Personnel
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Express Your Pride with our Personalized Military Products!

Military Essentials.com offers personalized items such as customized screen saver, customized gifts and souvenirs, and military memorabilia that commemorate and memorialize military service and achievements on a variety of products. Each product is custom made to fit the precise requirement of our customers. Products are provided by a veteran for veterans.

Express Your Pride and Commitment with totally personalized K-Bar Style Knife Letter Opener, Mouse Pad, Photo Throw, Photo Crystal, Screen Saver and Tote Bag and an array of other unique products. Military Essentials is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality products. We are committed to constantly reviewing and evaluating cutting-edge technologies and we will present our discoveries to you as personalized memorabilia and other items of interest.

Our completely personalized Screensaver, Letter Opener, Mouse Pad, Photo Throw, Photo Crystal, and Tote Bag makes a great reunion, promotion, or personal achievement gift which will be appreciated and remembered many years.

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The Personalized Animated Military Screen Saver is composed of multiple moving animated sections that form your unit insignia. Once the screensaver is completed, the process repeats itself.  The Screensaver includes unit insignia, first and last name, years served, rank, and branch.

All military personnel will receive a 5% discount on all purchases once they create an account with us.


"And in the twilight's deepening shades... We lift our souls to thee!
In passion's stress-the battle's strife,
The desert's lurking harms
Maid-Mother of the Lord of Life, Protect thy men-in-arms!"

- John Hay